Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Revolution of LOVE!

Numerous times in my life, my personal mantra has been, “If only I could give you--X--on a silver platter.” Joy, beauty, hope, faith…whatever you choose is there for you when you allow it to be. I can’t give those things to you, but I can show you that they are possible and crucial in this ever-chaotic and confusing world.

At a time in history where there is so much to be concerned about, a time when we have no great heroes in our midst like Gandhi and Martin Luther King, no one to speak up for us, I believe we are the ones who must step up and speak out. There are too many “issues” to choose from, so many things that need work you say? Indeed. Yet as one person there are many things you can do to keep the human spirit strong, both yours and that of others, by choosing joy when circumstances would ask you to do otherwise. Not frivolous “joy” as in giddy, slap-happy, nutso, but rather a deep, underlying trust in the strength and power of LOVE.

For if each of us falls into despair, if we give in to fear and hopelessness, if we give up, THEN they’ve got us! When we feel hopeless our strength is diminished, our power all but gone. Yet when we feel joy and love and possibility for the future, our power returns with intensity and we have a potency that can carry us through. This is why I fill my days with lovely music, uplifting books, nature – good god where would any of us be without trees, mountains, and creatures! There is no television or radio hawking constant bad news at me, nor advertisements for all the things they would have me believe I need.

The tactic of fear-creating and trying to push people down has been used for eons by controlling entities. Giving Native Americans blankets infused with small pox and surprise attacks dwindled their populations. Later, giving them alcohol (that their systems were not used to), unhealthy foodstuffs, and imprisoning them on reservations was a way to break them down. Yet strong Native leaders still do their best to keep spirits proud and high via ritual, prayer, and tradition.

Today I give you a smile, even when there are many things that I could let upset the day. I give you cups of tea and a listening ear, even when there may have been other things I planned to do. I will prepare wholesome, nourishing fare and invite you to savor the love it is infused with, even though we both know our food is tainted by the hand of corruption. There is a bouquet of flowers here and my greatest wish is for you to catch their sweet fragrance, even though there are things in the air that are not so sweet. The bright sun is warming your shoulders and my hope is that you feel it; that you see squirrels  performing their playful acrobatics in the trees and birds singing out a delight that echoes through the valley and feel a sense of warmth and peace…even though. 

Will you join me in this new revolution? It is time for LOVE to reign! It is time for joy and faith to flourish! It is time to turn our sights on beauty and see how it changes things. Trust me…it will.

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