Thursday, September 29, 2016


Water speaks to your heart when you listen. On this day of Rain weaving in and out of the hours, what does she say to you? You may want to go make yourself a cup of tea, sit back in your favorite cozy chair, and close your eyes.

The softer gray light wraps my mind in a pleasant haze and I start getting all poetic on days like today. I've piled dry wood around the wood stove, ready for the first fire and thoughts of wool sweaters and long johns drift in the periphery. Winter is not my favorite season for its frigid temperatures and icy roads, but I do love the mystical quality of a fresh blanket of snow and drinking hot chocolate and baking sweet treats that fill the air with anticipation. Right now the wheel has just turned toward autumn and in order to stay in the present I want to enjoy every falling leaf, every coolish breeze, every snap of a crisp apple, and every pumpkin that brightens the fields. Winter will come soon enough and today Rain calls for attention.

Rain has been elusive these last few weeks but she needs to show off her talents now and again. Without her the world is parched and thirsty for love. Love that nourishes. Love that heals. Love that cleanses and soothes the cracked skin of Mother Earth. Love that urges all of life to grow and flourish.

Without Rain the Sun works overtime, the Moon has too little privacy, and Clouds fear retirement. Oceans and Rivers crave her presence. A Stream will not flow without rain.

Without Rain there is no impish jumping and splashing, no mud, and no bare toes meeting slippery pleasure. Rain loves the upturned faces of children, those who are young and those who remember.

Rain, Clouds, and Sun meet in sky studios to create what they could not accomplish alone. The timing, the placement, the light must be perfect. Let your dreams dance up across their arched artistry and down the other side. Later, the Moon will bathe you in her warmth and share stories of mirrored lakes and diamond rain drops. “Rain,” the Moon will tell you, “holds the very keys to existence.”

Be thankful for Rain! Where would we be without her?
Enjoy your tea!