Thursday, March 10, 2016

Earth Divine has a cover!

Life is a learn as you go process and I've learned a lot these last few weeks! After asking you to vote (and I am extremely grateful for all of your input) on book cover designs for Earth Divine - Adventures of an Everyday Mystic, a friend sent a helpful link on a different aspect of the book that led to another helpful link and I soon discovered that even the most voted for cover won't do as posted. Book cover design is quite a science and one I knew little about. After much study I went back to the drawing board, considered all of your comments on the first covers, and feel I have a winner! 

I'm pulling together all the loose strings that need pulling and continue to learn about Create Space. As I move closer to actual publication I will reveal the new cover and some other surprises that have come this way!

Stay-tuned and keep growing!