Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well, the wheels really got spinning during the Next Top Author contest. In as much as I did not make it to the second round, I am more determined than ever to get my work out there! "Feather Gifts" received wide accolades from the 4-84 crowd so I've made the decision to go to print, large publisher or not! I sold several books printed at home, have multitudes of orders and two upcoming events where I expect to sell many more. Hampton Roads Publishing has offered, very kindly, to look at book proposals from anyone who was in Round 1 even though we did not proceed to Round 2! Popular vote is NOT an indicator of the value and quality of a book. It simply shows that many of us are still learning how to network. I'm getting the hang of it!

So why am I writing this? Well, because I know that each one of us has come into being with gifts unique to us that are meant to be shared in the world. I believe that our hearts lead us to knowing what those gifts are. I believe that if you try one thing and it doesn't work, try again...and again with your heart in the lead. Know that your heart wouldn't fool you.

And please, please don't give up until your light is shining brightly. Let your heart fill with the heat of passion and fire for what it loves to do. It may be that you are an enlightened teacher or stunning book author. It may also be that you are the best joke teller who brings a spark of joy to an otherwise overly serious office setting. Or you may be raising the most balanced, happy kids anyone has ever seen. Do all with your heart and the world will benefit beyond your expectations or imaginings!

Many Blessings and continued joy!