Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pennies...and Feathers From Heaven

For a long time now, feathers have been placed on my path at significant times. So significant that I can only take them as signs that I'm being listened to and watched over by a greater force. Though feathers continue to show up, somewhat less frequently, this past week they've been replaced by pennies.

After the loss of a dear older friend, my friend Kathy shared a special story with me. She said that before his passing, her friend consoled her by saying that she shouldn't worry because he'd be sending her pennies from heaven. A few days after he passed, she started finding pennies everywhere! Just a few months later, as she told me the story, she had accumulated several dollars worth of change. Her friend had kept his promise.

Last week she lost her fifth loved one in less than a year. My heart so went out to her, yet I quickly became preoccupied with my own worries and concerns. Within a few days I suddenly I found myself picking up pennies where ever I went. I thought nothing of it and didn't make the connection until I was at the sale shelf at the library and found a CD entitled "Pennies From Heaven". There was that voice from "beyond". A loved one? That Greater Force? All saying, "Don't worry, here's some pennies from heaven."

I'm sending the pennies and CD to my friend. My current worries dissolve as I remember what it felt like to lose three beloved grandparents in less than a year when I was 6. Nothing but nothing is more important than our connection to loved ones. And to that high power of Love that tells us it is so.

Blessings to you and to all those you love!

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